R. Benedikta / Gudrun Benedikta Eliasdottir graduated in 1987 with a B.Ed in Arts. Since then she has lived and worked on her art in three counties Iceland, France and Luxembourg.

She often paints with a tempera, “Patine au vin”, that includes white wine and eggs. She has developed the mixture over the years and experimented with using various minerals like volcanic ash and crushed stones.

She has participated in exhibitions in Iceland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, Germany, France, England, Austria and the U.S.

The paintings are under the strong spell of Icelandic nature. Extreme opposites like fire and ice, black deserts against the glacier, these strong contrasts affect me. The Icelandic highlands are unbelievable and it doesn’t matter how vivid my paintings are, they will never be more colourful than the real thing.


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