Frozen Moments, Exhibition opening January 6th 2018

Guðrún Benedikta Elíasdóttir

Reykjavik City Library | Menningarhús Spönginni
6.1 – 15.2

Guðrún Benedikta Elíasdóttir opens an exhibition of her paintings, where nature and natural forces, such as glaciers, fire and ice play a major role. The exhibition is entitled Frozen Moments and opens on January 6th at 2PM.

Guðrún uses a color mix she creates herself and calls “patine au vin” which contains white wine, eggs, ash from Eyjafjallajökull and rock mining that Guðrún has collected in Iceland. These natural substances gain a new role on the canvas, which can be described as environmental friendly recycling.

In her work an imminent eruption is omnipresent, the glaciers are bulky and the nature overwhelming.

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