The last days of “Recycling nature”

dsc_0112Friday 30 September till 3 p.m. is the time you have to look at this exhibition in  Gallery ART67, Laugavegur 67, Reykjavík. Then the artist will demount the exhibition.


  1. Christine McLaughlin

    We were in iceland in september and my daughter purchased on of you small paintings (featured in the picture above).;I would like to purchase 3 more for her. Are they still available.
    Can you give me cost of painting and shipping to the USA.

    Thank you,
    Chris Mclaughlin

  2. Hello Chris Mclaughlin.
    Thank you for your interest. I am pleased to know that you and your daughter like my paintings.
    These are still available and if you like I can send you photos by email from the selection I own in this size at the moment.

    Please contact me through my email so I can send you photos of each painting to make it easier to choose.

    Kind regards

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